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Experimental fluid mechanics 2017

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Chateau Mikulov

EFM 2017 will take place in The Chateau Mikulov (Zámek 1, 692 15 Mikulov, CZ).

When approaching Mikulov, from the distance you will see the unforgettable townscape dominated by ancient Mikulov Castle. As soon as you pass through the gate of the castle, you are taken back in time and, just as important guests who were coming to the castle in the past, you, too, will be amazed by the vistas from the castle gardens and the beauty of the whole castle.

The history of the castle dates back to the 11th century. At that time, a timbered fort stood on Castle Hill (Zámecký vrch) protecting the land border. In the 13th century, a stone castle owned by the Liechtenstein family was built at the site. During their stay, the castle became an important border fortress intended to withstand invasions of foreign armies. The most important chapter in castle history began in 1575, when the Dietrichstein family, who acquired the estate, turned the medieval aristocratic settlement into a representative Renaissance castle. The conversion is primarily associated with the name of Cardinal Franz von Dietrichstein, thanks to whom the landscape bears a footprint of the unique zeitgeist of that time. Mikulov Castle became the dominant feature of the landscape, off ering breath-taking vistas from its terraces.

The giant barrel Chateau library Chateau library
The giant barrel Chateau library The castle barroque garden

The castle also became an important administrative centre where the Dietrichstein family received a number of important guests, including from the imperial court. Mikulov Castle is impressive even today. On its premises is the Regional Museum, which prepares a number of attractions every year. You can look around from the ancient wedge-shaped tower, which remains from the original castle, visit the library with its valuable collection of one thousand books, or learn something about the winemaking tradition in the castle wine cellar with its famous huge wine barrel. The castle garden, which has regained its previous Baroque style, will impress you, too. Visiting the castle on a summer night, one might meet ancient princes who come back to life or perhaps even the white lady, Perchta von Rosenberg. The castle is open to the public from March to November, and when you visit Mikulov, you shouldn’t forget to visit it.

Mikulov Regional Museum

Don’t miss

One of the most attractive exhibits of the Mikulov Regional Museum is called the Romans and the Germanic People below Pálava, which will take you back to the Roman era when there was a military-civilian base built by soldiers of the famous Roman legions at site of today’s Nové Mlýny reservoirs. The exhibition features dozens of archaeological fi nds that document ancient life of the legionaries and their Germanic neighbours. In 2007, the exhibition was awarded the title Museum Exhibition of the Year in the national Gloria Musaealis competition.

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