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The historic town centre

Mikulov - The historic town centre

In the historical centre of Mikulov, history breathes from every nook and cranny. The Dietrichstein Tomb with the Holy Hill behind it, the ancient townhouses or the Baroque sculptures, all this underscores the unique genius loci of the town. At the same time, though, Mikulov is a modern town with modern architecture added sensitively to the historical buildings.

The centre of the town conservation area is the town square, where you feel history as soon as you step on the fi rst cobble stone. The silhouette of the Dietrichstein Tomb will catch your attention at fi rst sight. Originally, there was a copy of the Santa Casa in Loreto on this place, built in 1625. Later, the Church of St. Anne was built over it. In 1784, however, the church was destroyed by a fi re and it took more than half a century before it was rebuilt into the Dietrichstein Tomb. Today, the tomb is open to the public and it will impress you with its mysterious atmosphere. The whole town square is full of monuments and one might not even realise how many treasures it contains. Next to the Dietrichstein Tomb are the Renaissance canons’ houses, as if making way for the majestic tomb to be seen. These houses were built in the 17th century for the members of the collegiate chapter of the St. Wenceslas Church.

The Dietrichstein Tomb The Knights’ House
The Dietrichstein Tomb The Knights’ House

More salient is the 16th century building called the Knights’ House (U rytířů) with its intricate sgraffi to wall decoration depicting Biblical and ancient Roman scenes. Towering in the centre of the square, the Baroque sculpture of the Holy Trinity by Ignaz Lengelacher, a famous sculptor, and a fountain, which was built around 1700 and is decorated by an allegorical statue of the Pomona goddess.

The Goat Tower

Don’t miss

If the weather is good and you see a fl ag fl ying on the Goat Tower (Kozí hrádek), be sure to visit. Since the 15th century, this former artillery tower was a part of the defence system of the town. Surrounded by a small park, the Goat Tower now serves as an observation tower.

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